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Injection Molding

Complex injection molding is a high-precision process that requires deep knowledge and expertise about polymers, tool making, manufacturing technologies and quality control. We work hard to build more functionality into a single tool, create metal to plastic conversions, and lend our superior engineering and design experience to reduce sku numbers, secondary operations, and time to market.

At Kaysun, we specialize in making complex, critical-use plastic parts or products with tolerances as tight as .001 inches. We excel at producing high-quality, functional parts for critical environments and applications, where even the slightest variations in melt temperature, pressure, speed, and cooling can compromise integrity and performance.

We’re able to offer improved tool design and repeatability through tooling and inspection, and if we see a more efficient process is possible, we will invest in additional equipment to improve repeatability and overall quality in the assembly operations.

A Customized Process

Complex custom injection molding is ideal for products made from multiple materials that require tight tolerances and depend on several advanced injection molding technologies, including:
  • Overmolding – An especially useful technique for adding a soft-touch exterior for enhanced grip or “feel” while providing a stylish appearance that’s attractive to consumers. It also reduces shock and vibration, dampens sound, provides electrical insulation, and improves chemical/UV resistance. This process can also be more cost-efficient because it often combines steps in manufacturing the product.
  • Scientific Molding – A state-of-the-art injection molding method where the fill, pack and hold stages are all separated and monitored with sensing equipment for optimum accuracy and process control. Temperature, pressure, material flow rate, material chemistry, cooling time and rate, material moisture rate, fill time and mold conductivity are all monitored in real time with this method. 

Injection Molding Capabilities

  • Material selection – Our detailed database of material performance characteristics is based on thousands of projects from over 60 years of working with plastics. Get the exact material you need with regard to strength, flexibility, temperature, or impact resistance.
  • Robust equipment –  Kaysun has injection molding presses ranging in size from 35 to 800 tons, including electric presses and horizontal and vertical presses. With a positioning accuracy of ±0.0001 inches, our high-end Toyo electric presses provide incredibly high precision and repeatability—ideal for complex, critical-use parts. We also provide insert and two-shot injection molding.
  • Proven expertise – Making complex, critical-use, plastic parts and products takes injection molding to a much higher level. Using sophisticated infrastructure, equipment and environmental controls, we have the advanced capabilities to quickly meet the changing needs of clients, including short lead times and tight production schedules.


Complex Injection Molding for a Competitive Advantage