Value-Added Services

Working with vertically integrated key suppliers does more than provide access to multiple value-added services. Communication, product quality, cost management, time to market, and responsive adjustments to market shifts all improve, as does supply chain risk mitigation.

Post-mold value-added engineering services (aka, secondary operations) optimize Kaysun’s ability to deliver cost-effective solutions to complex manufacturing challenges. The breadth of in-house services offered — welding, heat staking, machining, testing, identification technologies, and packaging — cover the full part or product life cycle, from design through assembly and packaging.

In-House Injection Molding Automation

Depending on customer and application needs, assembly of components can be by hand or through  automation, and performed in standard or cleanroom conditions.

Kaysun’s value-added services and customized assembly options result in highly efficient design, engineering, and manufacturing processes that save time, reduce costs, and help get products to market faster.

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