Industrial Injection Molding

Industrial markets and applications are incredibly diverse. Gears, pumps, fixtures, electrical housings, assemblies, etc., are vital parts that vary in complexity, yet the majority rely on the same thing: custom industrial injection molding.

Innovative Thinking,
Innovative Solutions

Custom injection molding gives product designers and engineers license to think “outside the box.” Advances in technology continue to spark design and product innovations previously considered impractical. Plus, greater reliance on injection molder partnerships help OEMs efficiently take forward-thinking concepts to finished products.

Collaboration is the key to creative solutions. Injection molders that truly partner with an OEM to understand the dynamics, parameters, and end use of a project are better positioned to help product engineers make informed choices. This is especially true when insights are paired with a breadth of specialization in sophisticated modeling programs and methodologies such as Design for Manufacturability (DfM).

Working together toward the best possible design, tool, and process helps industrial OEMs take stronger, longer lasting, and competitively priced products to market faster.


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Material Science Expertise & Experience Set Kaysun Apart

Kaysun combines deep knowledge of material science with thought leadership and co-engineering opportunities to make custom injection-molded parts with tolerances as tight as +/- .001 inches. Further, our expertise in plastics’ characteristics, behaviors, and performance provides a wider range of solutions for industrial product challenges.


Overmold_case-1Creates a smooth, softer, and visually appealing product exterior, increases ease of use, and reduces vibration and shock.


These resources provide detailed information:

Metal-to-plastic conversion

Metal-To-Plastic-ImageTransitions metal parts to highly engineered, lighter weight, flexible plastic for increased performance and functionality. 


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A Value-Added Partnership

When you partner with Kaysun, the job doesn’t begin and end with manufacturing the part. Our in-house capabilities cover the full life cycle of the product, from plastics design and engineering through assembly, labeling, and packaging.

By offering so many value-added services under one roof, we help our customers control product development costs, shorten their supply chains, improve product and process quality, and get to market faster.




Industrial Injection Molding Experts


“Our success is directly related to the overwhelming commitment of talent and resources from the entire Kaysun team. They are professional, capable, and easy to work with. During these unprecedented times, the Kaysun team worked countless hours to keep us informed and used their considerable supply chain experience and industry influence to procure sufficient resin so we could meet our commitment to customers to ‘keep the lights on’.”

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