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As medical device design evolves to provide ever-improving healthcare outcomes, manufacturers are partnering with full-service, experienced complex injection molders to gain increased design freedom and process efficiencies. Partnering with Kaysun — one of the few injection molders in the country to hold MedAccred accreditation — is a consistent value-add from part and tooling design through material selection and process control. It empowers many medical OEMs to address issues before they impact production or the bottom line. 

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Leverage Injection Molder Design Expertise to Keep Pace with Technology


The rapid advancement of the medical industry necessitates constant innovation and complexity in medical device design. Smaller sizes, more intricate geometries, progressive functionalities, and portability are among the greatest needs in today’s medical equipment — and among the biggest challenges for design and engineering teams.

Medical Injection Molding Resources
Leveraging the experience and knowledge of a complex injection molder during the design phase of your critical-use application can help overcome the unique challenges of medical injection molding and improve outcomes. These resources demonstrate how: 

Improve Performance and Satisfaction with Overmolding


Portable medical devices have long been a mainstay in hospitals and emergency vehicles, with use in outpatient environments continuing to gain traction as medical care transitions into homes and healthcare facilities. The devices must remain accurate and functional; however, drops, bumps, and excessive vibration are inevitable as equipment is transported from place to place.

Overmolding is a proven solution. This one-shot or two-shot injection molding process overshoots a thin layer of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) onto a hard plastic substrate to form a soft-touch grip exterior layer that reduces shock and vibration, dampens sound, provides electrical insulation, boosts chemical/UV resistance, and is an effective barrier against oxygen and moisture. In addition, overmolding provides opportunities to create colorful, stylish exteriors that are easily identifiable by users of varying degrees of experience. These resources explain the specialized equipment, experience, and training necessary for molders to capably offer overmolding services.

The Importance of Involving Injection Molders in Materials Selection


Medical device performance is largely dependent on the characteristics of the resins used. Medical-grade plastics can be engineered to have enhanced properties such as strength, flexibility, transparency, biocompatibility, and temperature and chemical resistance. Given the unique environments in which most medical devices are used, antimicrobial agents such as silver ions can also be mixed into the plastic melt, resulting in final parts or products with microbe-resistant surfaces to enhance sterility and patient safety. With thousands of engineered resins to choose from, it's important to work with an injection molder that's experienced with medical-grade plastics to align materials with need.

Use these resources to explore the advantages of seeking injection molder expertise in materials selection during medical injection molding:

The Perfect Partner, The Perfect Part


Medical OEMs are tasked with providing consistent, high-performance solutions to the challenges posed by a variety of critical-use applications in a highly competitive industry. Partnering with a complex injection molder that has the experience, knowledge, technical expertise, and certifications needed to adhere to the exacting standards of the medical industry is imperative.


Not every molder is qualified, but those who are — like Kaysun — can move your business forward with confidence. These resources will help you find the injection molder that meets your current and future needs.


We are ISO 13485:2016 certified and MedAccred Plastics accredited. 

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Kaysun exceeded our expectations in all areas. They made this complex, gigantic program easy from an engineering standpoint. Working with the Kaysun engineering team is like a hot knife through butter.

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