How VA/VE Improves Injection Molding Quality Control

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Molder Effectiveness: Market Specialization or Supplier Diversification?

For companies that require tight-tolerance, sophisticated plastic injection molding capabilities, it's important to partner with a full-service complex injection molder that is diversified rather than specialized.

It seems counterintuitive to choose an injection molder that isn’t focused on your main market, but there is sound reasoning to seek supplier diversification. There are the more obvious benefits, like reliability in delivering quality products and value-added services, which may be second only to mitigating the potential risks of working with a molder that touts market specialization.

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The Bottom Line on Custom Injection Molding TCO vs. Per-Part Quotes

Complex applications typically require custom injection molding solutions. It’s an investment OEMs are willing to make in order to get safe, effective parts and products to market — and one that provides value beyond price point if the injection molder is focused on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) instead of per-part pricing.

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How to Design for Sustainable Injection Molding: Values, Materials & Processes

Sustainability is an increasingly urgent concern for businesses. 

On one hand, consumers, industries, and governments demand greater transparency into brands’ environmental, social, and economic impacts. On the other, companies’ own future viabilities depends on the long-term sustainability of their business strategies.

Conversations around sustainability have jumped the tracks from nice-to-have to must-have. And plastic injection molding, as an integral part of so many manufacturing processes, is part of the conversation.

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7 High-Priority Design Considerations for Injection Molded Parts

The design of injection molded parts can be incredibly complex. Sometimes, it’s a byproduct of what’s needed for the application; other times, it could be a result of over- or under-thinking what needs to be accomplished.

Working with a custom injection molder that relies on Design for Manufacturability (DfM) practices to establish realistic design goals and production expectations is a significant advantage. However, there are certain design considerations for injection molded parts an OEM can contemplate — and correct, if needed — before collaborating with a molding partner and their DfM team.

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Top 14 Benefits of Injection Molding

OEMs across many industries enjoy the benefits of injection molding. It’s ideal for consistent, affordable production of a wide range of high-quality, complex plastic parts suitable for nearly any application and environment.

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The Top 6 Plastic Injection Molding Certifications That Matter for Complex Applications

Working with an experienced custom injection molder benefits manufacturers on many different levels. From a program perspective, having plastics-specific insights guide design, engineering, and production leads to consistent, high-quality outcomes. Operationally, the service and support offered by an established team of diverse injection molding professionals often translates to higher profitability through time and cost savings.

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How Custom Injection Molding Helps Keep Natural Gas & Oil Workers Safe

Oil and gas are natural resources harvested from beneath the earth’s surface. Sophisticated production, gathering, processing, transmission, and distribution systems can expose industry workers to the risk of natural gas poisoning — even in the oil business, as some underground crude contains natural gas.

The poisoning causes varying degrees of illness, from fatigue and headaches to the potential for suffocation if left untreated. Natural gas & oil industry OEMs understandably take the threat seriously and routinely issue personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep workers safe.

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The Benefits of Injection Molding for the Energy Distribution Market

The power grid in the United States is shorting out. What began in the 1880s with some isolated power generation systems is now straining to support an estimated 7,300 power plants, and millions of miles of high- and low-voltage power lines in order to service about 200 million customer sites nationwide.1

The increasing number of rolling blackouts, prolonged outages related to natural disasters, and the looming risk of cyberattacks all point to the need for an electricity infrastructure overhaul. It’s an issue of ongoing debate in the political arena. In the meantime, energy distribution sector OEMs are actively seeking solutions to stem the impact of the current flagging power grid.

Many manufacturers are turning to their suppliers for guidance and innovation as much as for parts and products. Solutions for the energy distribution market must be versatile and reliable, which aligns with the benefits of injection molding.

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Kaysun’s New 55,000 Sq Ft Facility Expansion Creates Room for Growth

With a facility expansion now complete, Kaysun Corporation is more prepared than ever to serve its customers while creating job opportunities in the Manitowoc area.

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