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How to Conduct a Quality Audit on Your Injection Molder

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What is Design for Manufacturability in Injection Molding?

In broadest terms, Design for Manufacturability (DfM) — also known as Design for Manufacturing — is the process of consciously and proactively designing products to optimize all facets of manufacturing, including injection molding. DfM simultaneously helps ensure cost and time efficiencies, superior quality, regulatory compliance and end user satisfaction. Since manufacturing processes vary, there are set guidelines for DfM practices that define tolerances, rules and best practices.

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Customer Service Can Make or Break a Company

Customer service is an integral part of every organization. Deals can be won or lost through the communication process. Honest communication, with the customer’s best interests always at the forefront—from the initial contact of the pre- sale to the support after the sale—is the cornerstone of good business practice.

With the technology we have today, customer service comes in many forms—face-to-face, phone, e-mail, Skype, the web, etc. And customer service isn’t limited to a call center or customer service personnel—any employee who interacts with a customer is a customer-service representative. It is ideal for account executives or project personnel to meet with customers face to face throughout the year, with frequency determined by customer preferences. It is important to stay connected on a regular basis to make sure you understand their needs, desires, and concerns (which can shift quickly, depending on the project or the market). Whether it is daily, weekly, or monthly dialogue, everyone needs to stay in the loop.

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Value Stream Mapping Brings Quick Rewards

In the manufacturing world, “lean” principles reduce inventory and work in process, improve quality, boost productivity, and ultimately lower costs. Lean originated in Japan decades ago and has been readily embraced in manufacturing sectors around the world, especially the automotive industry.

With increasing global competitiveness, lean principles have never been more important for making U.S. companies competitive. One of the most simple, yet effective, lean tools is value stream mapping. It can be implemented within days and can reap impressive results in a short period of time.

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Product Assembly: Potting

Product assembly refers to additional operations to meet a manufacturer's specific, unique, needs. As production volumes allow for cost-effectiveness, these operations may be built into the manufacturing process. Potting is a key capability to provide this cost-effective solution.

Potting is a technique used to ensure a proper seal or shock absorption around any feature in the molded part. For example, parts requiring an electrical assembly, a copper contact for a battery, a jack for a microphone or other accessory, or any other point where something meets the plastic part may be handled via potting.

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