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4 Factors That Reveal an Injection Molder’s Plastic Engineering Bandwidth


There’s no one indicator that points to a custom injection molder’s readiness and engineering bandwidth to accommodate large, multi-tool projects. Instead, a combination of capabilities is required.

Kaysun has a well-earned reputation for taking on complex projects with high volumes. Our depth of knowledge, teamwork, and collaborative partnerships with our customers help drive success — none of which could happen without strong engineering practices behind the promises.

Kaysun Plastic Engineering Bandwidth and Expertise for Complex Applications

Kaysun serves industries that demand precision, quality, and performance from injection molded parts. Our demonstrated experience in handling programs with 30 or more tools speaks to what Senior Project Engineer Aaron Kiecker explains as “the speed and project management skills of our team,” not to mention the engineers’ desire to rise to a challenge.

"Give us the opportunity to show you what we can do. We’re going to show you how Kaysun can really excel and bring your product to life. We ensure our customers are getting the best possible product for the lowest possible price."

Hear firsthand from Kaysun engineers about their approach to injection molding solutions for complex applications in this short video:


4 In-House Capabilities That Define and Maximize Plastic Engineering Bandwidth

Evaluating a custom injection molder for plastic engineering bandwidth takes careful consideration of in-house capabilities, including:

  1. Cross-functional teamwork: Complex part engineering isn’t intended to happen in a silo. Kaysun engineers tap into customer insights and internal quality and tooling teams to leverage critical and tactical thinking, which ultimately streamlines production.

  2. Quality assurance: Quality starts at intended part functionality and carries through to production at Kaysun. We call on advanced systems such as geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) and gauge repeatability and reproducibility (GR&R) on the frontend, which ultimately inform quality control, from inspection fixtures to programs. Executing every step helps ensure critical part characteristics are consistent with quality objectives from engineering through manufacturing.

  3. Complex process development: Developing robust injection molding processes for all types of plastics is one of Kaysun’s core strengths. Our engineering team is highly specialized in scientific molding and design for manufacturability (DfM) methodologies, combined with a processing team with master molder certification through RJG. Our stringent process development and engineering support methodologies lend themselves to proven, repeatable production regardless of equipment line or lot-to-lot materials variation.

  4. Tooling design and build: Kaysun’s in-house tooling team has decades of experience that are invaluable for engineers seeking guidance on design, tool metals, materials, and the like. Collaboration and out-of-the-box thinking typically leads to many time- and cost-saving discoveries during this crucial foundational phase of product development.

OEM confidence only grows when partnering with a molder that mindfully aligns engineering capabilities and bandwidth. For Senior Project Engineer Paul Van Grinsven, the choice is clear:

"From a cost, quality, and timeliness standpoint, customers are in good hands when they come to Kaysun."

Discover how Kaysun engineers helped an OEM rethink and successfully achieve metal-to-plastic conversion for a complex housing in our case study, Design for Manufacturability (DfM) Enhances Injection Molding Outcomes. Click below to download your copy.

 DfM Case Study

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