Custom Injection Molding: A Competitive Advantage Higher Quality, Complex Parts

Custom injection molding is an ideal process for creating the challenging shapes and sizes typical of complex plastic parts. Learn more about the process — and Kaysun’s unparalleled expertise — by reading Custom Injection Molding for a Competitive Advantage. You’ll learn how custom injection molding:

  • Can combine multiple materials, including dissimilar polymers
  • Meets tolerances as tight as +/- .001 inches
  • Can be customized for any project to maximize quality and manufacturability
  • Reduces costs through improved efficiency, quality, and process streamlining
  • And more!

Sneak Peek Inside the White Paper:

Custom injection molding is the manufacturer’s most direct route to competitive differentiation. It provides the design freedom and process efficiency required to create new features and incorporate new technologies as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Today’s custom injection molding is defined by part design, tool design, material selection, and process control — all simultaneously complex areas that OEMs must address at the beginning of the custom injection molding process with the help of an expert injection molding partner.

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