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    How Overmolding Adds Value and Versatility to Plastic Components

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    5 Reasons Why Medical Device OEMs Need Full Service Injection Molders

    Given the promised speed and generally low price points, commodity injection molders are attractive to OEMs in many industries. However, deals struck with these molders — overseas and domestically — can pose potential problems in communication and quality, among other issues.

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    This is Kaysun: Creating Life-Saving Medical Devices

    In the medical industry, there’s no room for error.

    Whether your medical device is used every day or only in emergency situations, it needs to function reliably when it’s called upon—every time. With medical devices and equipment becoming increasingly complex, however, that means designers and engineers need to pay even closer attention to detail to ensure there are no mistakes.

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    Wellness Programs: A Benefit for Both Employees and Employers

    Ten years ago, few companies were focused on helping their employees enhance their health or wellness. Today, according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), 76% of companies surveyed said their company offered some type of wellness resources to employees. The impetus for developing and offering these benefit programs was primarily the desire to reduce rising health insurance costs, as well as the growing competition for workers — and now it’s evolved into a benefit many employees expect.

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    What Increased Defense Spending Means to Wisconsin Manufacturers

    In today’s sociopolitical climate, people often think of the word “military” in a global sense — troops overseas defending our country. While true, they may not realize the scale of the U.S. military’s domestic presence; the Department of Defense (DoD) operates in more than 420 military installations in the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico.

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    How Military Cybersecurity Trends Impact Defense Contractors

    With recent administration changes, the U.S. government is throwing its weight—and dollars—behind defense initiatives. This proposed and actual uptick in spending is providing defense contractors with opportunities to support our troops with sophisticated devices and technologies, and protect them from growing cyber-threats aimed at disarming such military systems.

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    This is Kaysun: Helping Protect Today’s Military and Public Safety Personnel

    Tough. Durable. Reliable. Three words often applied to today’s military and public safety personnel also describe the gear they need in the field.

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    Onshore versus Offshore, Part II

    As a follow-up to the hugely successful newsletter last month on the topic of “onshoring,” I’d like to share with you why Kaysun may be your best option if you are considering a manufacturing partner in the United States.

    First, our engineering team is world-class. We have all the skills necessary to make your new product introduction successful, right out of the blocks. Our capabilities include product design, design for manufacturability, moldflow analysis, and finite element analysis. Our deep design knowledge and engineering experience allow us to build injection molds quickly, with a minimum of iterations or design changes, that stand up over many years of production volume. After tool completion we apply scientific molding principles to establish a highly repeatable molding process that is validated by ongoing data monitoring to ensure we are meeting all the critical characteristics of your product, 100 percent of the time. In addition to injection molding we also provide full product assembly, testing, and packaging. In fact, over one-third of our sales are derived from these value-added services to our customers. Finally, Kaysun is extremely flexible in meeting your just-in-time inventory requirements. 

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    Wisconsin manufacturer brings products and jobs back to US

    Have you noticed the number articles and blogs published recently about US manufacturers “on-shoring” production — shifting products/jobs back to the US from China, because of less favorable currency valuation, increasing shipping and labor costs, continuing quality issues, etc.?  One that really caught my attention was about Master Lock in Milwaukee, which is once again manufacturing its iconic padlocks in the US.

    As a manufacturer of the highest-precision, critical-use plastic parts and assemblies, we at Kaysun don’t compete against low-cost Chinese manufacturers, but as a proud member of the Wisconsin manufacturing community, we applaud Master Lock’s reinvestment in our local economy. Let’s hope the trend continues. We all benefit from a vital and growing US manufacturing industry.

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    Kaysun celebrates 400,000th DAGR with Rockwell Collins

    Earlier this month Rockwell Collins held a celebration to note the shipment of their 400,000th DAGR handheld GPS device. You may remember Kaysun shipped its 400,000th DAGR case to Rockwell Collins earlier this year.

    Representing Kaysun at the Rockwell Collins event were our VP of engineering Dave Robinson and VP of manufacturing Keith Bridgford. Rockwell Collins’ CEO Clay Jones spoke at the event, which was attended by members of the U.S. Air Force GPS Wing. Curtis Crawford, who has received two Purple Hearts, addressed the crowd and spoke about how the DAGR has helped save his life and those of his fellow warfighters. Attendees also heard from Rockwell Collins employee Dave Crowley, who is currently deployed in Afghanistan.

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