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Plastic Injection Molding vs 3D Printing – Which is Better?

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Use Moldflow Analysis to Maximize Complex Injection Molding Outcomes

Moldflow analysis is a frequently used term in the injection molding industry but it is often poorly understood. The process uses a sophisticated computer program to analyze and predict the flow and cooling of plastic during all phases of the injection molding processSince there are different levels of analytical software available, selecting the right one for your project is as important as interpreting the data for successful results.

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How Military Cybersecurity Trends Impact Defense Contractors

With recent administration changes, the U.S. government is throwing its weight—and dollars—behind defense initiatives. This proposed and actual uptick in spending is providing defense contractors with opportunities to support our troops with sophisticated devices and technologies, and protect them from growing cyber-threats aimed at disarming such military systems.

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Innovation in Injection Molding Process, Design and Tooling

While the injection molding process is a mainstay for many industries, it isn’t static. Molders are continually challenged with evolving their knowledge and use of emerging tooling technologies, materials and trends to make products that are competitively advantageous and profitable for manufacturers.

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How EMI Shielding Protects Delicate Military Electronics

Today’s military is more technologically advanced than at any other point in history. This presents many advantages in strategizing for, equipping and executing missions; however, there are also some challenges.

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How Plastics Improve Military Technologies and Safety

Light weighting for military applications has been a key focus for many defense contractors. Significant strides have been made in converting many components of armed forces gear from metal to plastic, reducing per-soldier equipment loads by as much as 50% while allowing service members to remain lithe, agile – and, above all, safe – when engaged in maneuvers or combat.

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Plastics Innovations in Consumer and Industrial Applications

The diversity in consumer and industrial applications is vast, but offering a wide array of products that keep pace with – but don’t differentiate you from – the competition doesn’t necessarily translate to sustained success.

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5 Key Benefits of the Industrial Internet of Things

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) continues to change the manufacturing industry. IIoT impact is particularly felt in devices and machinery equipped with sensors, which essentially gives the machine the ability to monitor, collect, exchange, and analyze data – all without human interaction.

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How Injection-Molded Plastic Components Enhance Auto Performance and Innovation

The automotive industry is experiencing rapid advancements, some of which have been brought about by federal regulations and others as a result of manufacturers leveraging opportunities presented by new materials and technologies.

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8 Cutting-Edge Medical Device Advancements

Advancements in the medical community are happening rapidly. Devices are coming to the market that address a wider range of patient issues and, in some cases, designed to work autonomously to assist staff in treatment. The intricacies of these medical advancements demand that the injection-molded plastic components they use perform with precision.

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