Why MedAccred Accreditation Matters to Medical Manufacturers

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    Scientific Molding: 6 Essential Steps for Success [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Regardless of application, injection-molded parts and products are expected to perform to stringent quality and regulatory standards.

    Ensuring successful outcomes requires application of scientific molding principles by experienced injection molders and trained engineering teams during development and production.

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    Injection Molding Tool Steel — Which is Best for My Project?

    Custom injection molding projects are understandably focused on plastics selection. After all, the materials used to construct the parts have the greatest influence over quality and performance.

    However, the grade of injection molding tool steel chosen for production also has a major impact on project outcomes. Cycle times, part criteria, production volume, cost, and maintenance expectations all must be factored in to align the steel with the need.

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    4 Automotive Plastic Trends for 2020 and Beyond

    With the rise of electric vehicles, new technologies, and tougher fuel standards, the automotive industry is booming these days, and so is the plastics industry. With manufacturers looking to make lighter, less expensive components, while also installing new electronics and their housings, there have been numerous innovations involving plastic automotive parts and designs in 2020, and there are even more on the horizon.

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    MedAccred Accreditation Keeps Supply Chains Focused on Patient Safety

    MD&M West in Anaheim recently wrapped up, and I’ve had some time to reflect on one of the key panel discussions: Exploring the Connection Between Your Manufacturing Process & Patient Safety

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    What OEMs Need to Know About Choosing Medical Device Colors and Plastics

    Using color in medical device design is both practical and a business strategy. Switches and keyboard buttons, for example, might be grouped and color-coded for user-friendliness and improved functionality.1 Medical device color is also used aesthetically to complement surroundings, and strategically to carry through OEM branding on medical devices.

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    There's More to the Cost of Injection Molding Than the Bottom Line

    How expensive is injection molding? It's a common question, and it's also deceptively simple. Any injection molder can quote you a price. Since you expect to pay for the service, it's not necessarily a matter of understanding if or even how much you'll invest injection molding.

    Rather, knowing when to strategically invest in the process is key in managing the cost of injection molding to achieve exceptional outcomes.

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    6 Plastics Industry Trends Predicted to Impact Manufacturers in 2020

    What does 2020 hold for the plastics industry? Several trends that emerged in 2019 continue to be refined and amplified:

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    Plastic Injection Molding vs 3D Printing – Which is Better?

    Among today’s manufacturers, both 3D printing and plastic injection molding are viable options for producing complex plastic parts and components. While originally considered competing technologies, these techniques are now each largely recognized as having  unique advantages and can even be used together to help optimize production efficiency.

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    How to Conduct a Quality Audit on an Injection Molder

    The quality of plastic components is, in part, determined by the injection molder you choose. Properly vetting new, different, or specialized vendors involves qualifying a pool of potential injection molding partners.

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