Wisconsin manufacturer brings products and jobs back to US

    Posted by Ben Harrison on Jan 28, 2011 3:00:00 PM
    Ben Harrison

    Have you noticed the number articles and blogs published recently about US manufacturers “on-shoring” production — shifting products/jobs back to the US from China, because of less favorable currency valuation, increasing shipping and labor costs, continuing quality issues, etc.?  One that really caught my attention was about Master Lock in Milwaukee, which is once again manufacturing its iconic padlocks in the US.

    As a manufacturer of the highest-precision, critical-use plastic parts and assemblies, we at Kaysun don’t compete against low-cost Chinese manufacturers, but as a proud member of the Wisconsin manufacturing community, we applaud Master Lock’s reinvestment in our local economy. Let’s hope the trend continues. We all benefit from a vital and growing US manufacturing industry.

    - Ben

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