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What Increased Defense Spending Means to Wisconsin Manufacturers

Posted by Ben Harrison on Jun 14, 2017 9:39:36 AM
Ben Harrison

Increased-Defense-Spending-Wisconsin-Manufacturers.jpgIn today’s sociopolitical climate, people often think of the word “military” in a global sense — troops overseas defending our country. While true, they may not realize the scale of the U.S. military’s domestic presence; the Department of Defense (DoD) operates in more than 420 military installations in the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico.

Whether for uses domestic or abroad, this creates a significant need for defense-related products and manufacturers to fulfill DoD contracts, especially in light of the current administration’s increased defense spending, which is estimated to total $54 billion in the coming year.

Of that budget increase, Congress has earmarked $30 billion for armored vehicles, and a number of Wisconsin manufacturers are being tapped to provide these and other devices. The DoD has already inked deals or is considering partnering with these local companies:

To meet the exacting specifications of any government project, these manufacturers rely on their vendors to supply the necessary components on time, on spec and on budget, many of which are complex critical-use injected molded plastic parts and products. Doing so means building relationships with experienced injection molders, like Kaysun, that employ proven scientific molding and Design for Manufacturability (DfM) methodologies and understand the importance of their role in all aspects of a project, from planning and design through execution.

Manufacturers backed with a molder’s expert guidance in tight tolerances and other mission-critical input are better positioned to plan, produce and deliver the needed military vehicles, devices and equipment, and ultimately secure additional government contracts as defense initiatives continue to ramp up.

Wisconsin manufacturers, like those in many other states, are experiencing an influx of lucrative, military-related manufacturing projects that require rapid, accurate and consistent response that only partnerships with experienced vendors can meet. When looking for an injection molding partner, look beyond ITAR certification and domestic supply chain to other capabilities that impact project outcomes, such as upfront engineering and optimized plastic part design support.

Find an injection molder right for your needs by using the Military & Defense Project Scoping Checklist. Click the button below for your free copy.

Military Project Scoping Checklist

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