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Metal-to-Plastic Conversion: A Cost-Effective Option

Posted by Dennis McGuigan on Nov 22, 2011 9:22:00 AM
Dennis McGuigan

OEMs that are currently using metal parts are not necessarily dissatisfied with the products they produce. Many, however, could benefit from converting these products to a highly engineered plastics solution that will replicate the performance of the metal-based products while providing additional advantages.

Some of the advantages may include:

  • Reduced part weight
  • Eliminating lead issues
  • Lower manufacturing costs
  • Enhanced regulatory compliance
  • Greater flexibility
  • Increased market stability for material cost

A great deal of Kaysun’s business comes from our ability to provide insight and engineering expertise to evaluate converting an existing product or part from metal to plastic. Our engineering team works with the customer’s team to assess the feasibility of converting from metal to plastic and selecting the right material and manufacturing process to meet functional and budget requirements.

We have had great customer successes in this arena, including Gates and Versa-Matic. In the critical defense market, an excellent example of the benefits of metal to plastic conversion is available by viewing “Lightening the Load:  Designing Lighter Products and Components for the Warfighter.” This is a Kaysun webinar recorded with IDGA (Institute for Defense and Government Advancement) demonstrating considerations for a challenging defense injection molding project.

Converting an existing product from metal to plastic is generally a cost-effective option with the proper partner to effectively evaluate all the contingencies. Creating a new product via plastic injection molding from scratch provides even greater efficiencies. The earlier you engage a qualified engineering and manufacturing partner the better.

Metal-to-Plastic Conversion: Revolutionizing the Manufacturing Process

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