Jenna Vogel

Jenna Vogel
With a background as an injection molding engineer at Kaysun, Jenna brings unique depth and insight to her role as Business Development Engineer. Her ability to synthesize information and pair need with opportunity is a benefit to prospects and customers alike.

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The Top 6 Plastic Injection Molding Certifications That Matter for Complex Applications

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Kaysun’s New 55,000 Sq Ft Facility Expansion Creates Room for Growth

With a facility expansion now complete, Kaysun Corporation is more prepared than ever to serve its customers while creating job opportunities in the Manitowoc area.

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Two-Shot Injection Molding v. Overmolding: 14 Pros & Cons You Need To Know

Injection-molded parts are integral to the performance and aesthetics of a wide range of products. Manufacturers depend on the expertise of their injection molding partner to guide decisions and processes that lead to desired outcomes.

Two-shot injection molding (or, two-stage molding) and overmolding are popular choices for many applications. They are also often mistaken as being interchangeable.

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How Overmolding Enhances Handheld Medical Devices

Popular across many industries, overmolding may initially appear to simply enhance the aesthetics of a device, adding a contrasting color or texture. However, overmolding’s lightweight functionality also elevates ergonomics, deadens vibration, and improves a device’s grip and feel.

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5 Benefits of Scientific Molding and How Injection Molders Achieve Them

Often, complex applications requiring custom injection molding have design and/or materials characteristics that need specialized manufacturing, as in the case of tight tolerances. An experienced injection molder has solutions to address all types of scenarios, but scientific molding expertise adds unique value.

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Beyond PEEK: High-Temperature Injection Molding Solutions with PAEK Plastics

Mention “high-temperature thermoplastic” and chances are that polyether ether ketone (PEEK) comes to mind. Its high heat tolerance, mechanical strength, and chemical resistance make PEEK resin ideal for many demanding applications including those in the automotive, electronics, aerospace, medical, and other markets. But is it the only choice?

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How Strong Molding Supplier Relationships Support On-time Delivery (OTD)

On-time delivery (OTD). Suppliers are defined by it. Industrial buyers demand it. A recent study about supplier sourcing confirms it, reporting that “delivery performance” is the most important factor buyers consider when compiling supplier shortlists.

Undoubtedly OTD carries clout. However, when delivery performance and unprecedented circumstances collide, suppliers either live up — or down — to their OTD reputations.

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Gas or Electric: Do Vehicle Power Sources Impact Automotive Plastics Selection?

Environmental protection and the legislation surrounding it have heightened people’s sense of social responsibility when it comes to their impact on the planet. Industries, too, have embraced eco-centric initiatives that not only reduce industrial carbon footprints, but also have manufacturers rethinking the products they introduce into their markets.

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Overmolding: What it is and What it Means for Products and Profits

Increasingly popular with manufacturers of consumer products, medical devices, and portable devices, overmolding improves functionality, performance, and aesthetics.

But, what is overmolding? And, more importantly, how can it affect how products are designed and profits achieved?

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What is Custom Plastic Injection Molding?

When it comes to custom plastic injection molding, there is no clear industry consensus as to the definition of “custom.” As a result, some injection molders, who claim to offer custom services, are actually incapable of engineering or producing parts with precise specifications and tight tolerances.

Manufacturers that unknowingly contract with these “custom” molders are often left holding the bag. It’s an unenviable position, and one you can avoid by understanding what factors differentiate a true custom plastic injection molding partner from less qualified choices.

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