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5 Engineering Factors That Improve Your Injection Molding Project


In many complex industries, decisions about which injection molder to use for custom projects with high volumes often center around a molder’s capabilities and bandwidth. Certainly, these factors reveal how well and quickly the job can be completed. But are they the only indicators of the value a potential injection molder delivers?

To better understand what an injection molder offers, take a close look at the depth of knowledge and expertise of their engineering team.

5 Injection Molding Engineering Team Essentials

Engineering teams are typically involved in a project from its earliest phases through production, so they set the standards for quality and performance. How well they’re equipped to take on this responsibility is reflected in 5 key areas.

1. Speed

Fast, accurate project turns in every phase of development and manufacture is more than a goal of skilled engineers; products that are produced quickly enable OEMs to get to market faster. Injection molding engineers ensure everything goes as planned so OEMs can gain competitive advantage without risk of product defect, failure, or recall.

2. Experience

An engineering team with professionals of varying skill levels builds legacy knowledge that leads to efficiencies when it comes to aligning product solutions with project needs. As more experienced engineers mentor younger colleagues, continuity emerges in everything from project approach to customer interactions. This gives OEMs an extra measure of assurance that their injection molding partner prioritizes relationships and outcomes.

3. Project Management

Proficiency backed by transparency and timely communication shows a holistic approach in how an injection molder assesses and handles all aspects of a project. Staying in tune with OEMs helps align approaches and expectations among teams, and ensures a clear roadmap to successful program implementation.

4. Cost & Quality

Engineers are critical in the decision making that impacts project cost and quality. They must collaborate with OEMs throughout product development and production in order to guide adjustments that ensure cost parameters are met, without sacrificing quality.

5. DfM Analysis & Manufacturing Optimization

Design for Manufacturability (DfM) analysis is at the core of aligning engineering and production. The process of consciously and proactively designing products to optimize all facets of manufacturing identifies and corrects problems in early product development, which prevents costly retooling, product defects, and other costly rework.

What Differentiates Kaysun Engineers

Kaysun engineers are wholly focused on product development. In addition to ticking each box on the list of essentials, the team is dedicated to exceeding expectations of OEMs in the sophisticated markets we serve. Value-adds include:

DfM Amplification

DfM is a powerful predictor of success. Kaysun engineers amplify DfM with:

  • Moldflow analysis: a software-driven simulation of how plastic flows into and fills a tool. The preview that moldflow provides is advantageous on several levels. Using moldflow analysis, Engineers can optimize designs, adjust material choices, and verify tight tolerances before final tooling is made — a preemptive action that could save an OEM a substantial amount of time and money
  • Part analysis: A comprehensive review of draft, wall thickness, radii, ejection, materials, and other critical features to verify that the injection molding process and, ultimately, the parts produced perform without incurring delays, defects, or performance issues

Custom End of Arm Tooling & Robot Programming

Kaysun is a proponent of automation. Gaining efficiencies with the aid of EOAT and robotics streamlines production and benefits OEM and injection molder alike. Our engineering team works closely with in-house automation and tool room teams to develop EOAT and robot programming solutions expressly for our partners as the need arises.

Continuing Education & Certifications

Building on the knowledge and experience of the Kaysun engineering team is critical in keeping our products and services best in class. Continuing education plays a significant role in keeping pace with evolving customer needs, trends, and changing industry landscapes.

Among the continuing education opportunities presented to Kaysun engineers is the sought-after Plastics Technology & Engineering (PTE) Certificate Program. Over the course of a year, the rigorous ANAB-accredited program provides students with comprehensive knowledge of the four core injection molding disciplines: Plastic Materials, Mold Design & Engineering, Injection Molding, and Part Design.

Hand in hand with continuing education are the certifications maintained by the injection molder. Kaysun holds ASME, IATF, ITAR and ISO certifications that align with medical, automotive, industrial, and consumer markets.

We also have MedAccred Plastics accreditation which denotes Kaysun as one of few elite injection molders in the country that meets stringent medical industry compliance and patient safety benchmarks.

When it comes to successful complex injection molding projects, partnering with a molder whose engineering team exhibits the qualities and collaboration necessary to drive accurate and timely solutions is essential.

Use our 5 Questions OEMs Must Ask Before Partnering With a Custom Injection Molder tip sheet to objectively evaluate and compare molders’ partnership potential. Click below to download your copy.

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