Plastic part design

Why Continuing Plastic Engineering Education Matters to OEMs


Technologies, product needs, and customer expectations are rapidly advancing. OEMs are challenged to be both responsive and dynamic in order to stay competitive in the market.

Industries don’t — and can’t — remain stagnant. OEM flexibility is key, and finding suppliers that are prepared to pivot is paramount. This is particularly true in complex injection molding where sophisticated part design and engineering drive efficiencies, part performance, and successful outcomes.

The depth of a molder’s knowledge and expertise signals partnership potential. However, experienced molders that also lean into continuing education for their plastic engineering teams are best positioned to support and evolve with OEM needs.

Plastics Technology & Engineering Certificate Program

Stepping into a plastics engineering role at Kaysun is a unique opportunity for both new and veteran engineers to be among the best in the injection molding industry. To do so requires an ongoing commitment to excellence and holding to our corporate promise to invest in our team’s professional development.

That’s why Kaysun engineers are offered Plastics Technology & Engineering (PTE) certification through the American Injection Molding Institute (AIM).

The year-long ANAB-accredited program focuses on the four core disciplines of the injection molding industry: Plastic Materials, Mold Design & Engineering, Injection Molding, and Part Design.

Students undertake rigorous study of each discipline and must demonstrate comprehensive understanding by passing a series of four examinations. PTE certification is awarded by AIM after satisfactory completion.

Practical application of PTE at Kaysun

Kaysun engineers who earn a PTE certificate add value to customers seeking advanced engineering of complex parts. Their advanced holistic knowledge of the entire injection molding process makes them true experts

“We don’t compartmentalize engineering, design, testing, manufacturing, and assembly,” said Kaysun Senior Project Engineer Aaron Kiecker. “Our approach starts in the design phase. We take all factors into consideration because decisions made in one area can impact the other areas. We strive to deliver the best possible products to our customers.

But Kaysun engineering expertise doesn’t exist in a silo. Collaboration with our customers and various in-house teams is as essential to process success as Kaysun’s proven core competencies in Design for Manufacturability (DfM), scientific molding, materials selection, and tooling. It’s in the collaboration that the knowledge behind PTE certification can shine.

Kaysun Senior Project Engineer Paul van Grisven explained, “Our commitment to cross-functional teamwork maximizes critical and tactical thinking. This allows us to evaluate our approach as a group and understand the potential outcomes for all facets of the business. In turn, we’re able to succeed with complex part & mold designs, streamline production, and maintain high quality parts.”

Advanced training amplifies injection molding partnerships

Kaysun invests in our team with programs such as PTE for our engineers to maximize the value we provide our customers in key program areas:

  • Speed: Our team has the resources and knowledge to turn projects quickly and accurately to get customers’ products to market without sacrificing quality.
  • Experience: Collectively, our engineers have decades of experience specifically in injection molding. This depth of knowledge provides efficiencies in finding the best solutions for our customers. It also gives customers peace of mind knowing there is continuity in the engineering team they deal with regularly.
  • Project Management: Kaysun engineers are proficient in managing every aspect of a program with transparency and clear communication. Our team holds itself to a very high standard for delivering programs on time.
  • Cost and Quality: Customers need to know their programs are being handled with cost and quality in mind. Kaysun engineers are dedicated to finding cost-effective, top-quality solutions that consistently outperform competitors’ offerings.

Finding an injection molder that prepares its team to expertly solve challenges gives customers an advantage in confidently getting trusted solutions to market. Learn how Kaysun helped an OEM overcome metal-to-plastic conversion issues in our case study, Design for Manufacturability (DfM) Enhances Injection Molding Outcomes.

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