Injection molding is a complex process you want to get right the first time. That means involving the Kaysun engineering team early in the design process. We bring many skills to the table—including rigorous testing and analytical methods that assure we select the best possible design, materials, and process for your product or part—before production begins.

Experts in Multiple Modeling Programs

Product design and material selection are the two most important steps prior to building a mold. We utilize sophisticated computer models to test design features, material characteristics, and mold design. Key modeling programs include:

  • Moldfill analysis—this shows how the melted resin will flow into the mold. Knowing this optimizes cycle times and tooling trials, thereby reducing risk, improving quality, and reducing overall production costs.
  • Finite element analysis—this program models how products behave across a range of variables, using a virtual environment. Results of these tests can accurately determine if the product will operate the way it was designed, or if adjustments need to be made.

Thorough Testing and Analysis Capabilities

“Design of experiments” is another tool we use to make sure we have determined the best possible injection molding process for the product. This scientific approach is used to set up and test the process parameters and troubleshoot and correct any process issues. This allows us to make simultaneous adjustments to the variables as needed, saving significant time on getting the injection-molding process ready for production.

Additional testing and analysis capabilities include:

  • Reverse engineering
  • Polymer Identification
  • Component Failure Analysis
  • Tensile / Compressive Strength Analysis
  • Impact Strength Analysis
  • FTIR (Material ID)
  • Melt Flow Analysis
  • TGA & DSC (Thermal Response)


Scientific Mold Monitoring Processes

The mold/tooling is one of the most critical parts of the injection-molding process. Every tool has its own fingerprint that is unique to the design, shape, and expected performance of each part or product. Our scientific molding specialists monitor multiple conditions such as melt temperature, injection speed, and pressure changes in the mold to be sure the process is robust and reliable.

After Kaysun engineers have verified the mold is functioning optimally, production begins. The production engineer then monitors key process parameters in real time during production. If any issues are identified, these can be immediately adjusted to return to process to normal running conditions.

Scientific Injection Molding Process Experts

Our engineers have been trained to understand the entire scientific injection-molding process, including what is happening at all times with the resin inside the mold. Our state-of-the-art testing and analytical capabilities allow us to immediately identify any variations that may arise and return the process to normal operation. This means the best possible precision-molded part will be produced, with complete consistency for the entire production run.

Consistency, repeatability and peace of mind. Kaysun delivers.


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