In-House Engineering Support

Using advanced injection molding tools and technologies isn’t enough for making complex, critical-use plastic parts and products of the highest quality. Engineering services that fully support product development — including design, testing, manufacturing, and assembly — are also critical for success.

Being able to rely on a wide range of plastics engineering services is increasingly important as critical-use plastic and products become more complex in size, geometry and function. Kaysun offers a full range of in-house engineering services that provide just the right amount of customized support, including:

Design for Manufacturability (DfM)

Design for Manufacturability (DfM) — also known as Design for Manufacturing — is the process by which products are consciously and proactively designed to optimize all facets of manufacturing.

Specially trained injection molding engineers use the insights gained from DfM to identify and resolve potential moldability issues, simplify part design and tooling, select appropriate plastics, and maximize production and cost efficiencies. Since these steps are taken during the initial design phase, the benefit is twofold. It aligns engineering and production to prevent costly rework and ultimately save manufacturers time and money.

Part Design

This is perhaps the most important stage of designing for manufacturability. Design revelations often happen during these sessions — sometimes even breakthroughs occur, that had never been considered before, that greatly improve the production process and reduce costs.

Tool Building

The tool — or "mold" — is the most important investment OEMs can make to ensure the quality of their plastic parts. Kaysun engineers completely manage the process of tool design, tool build, and maintenance to optimize production and maximize longevity.

Plastics Selection Support

With more than 25,000 engineered resins to choose from, material selection can be a challenging task. Our deep knowledge base in materials saves clients time, energy and expense by identifying the best materials for the molds and parts.

Metal to Plastic Conversion 

Many manufacturers don’t know that plastic parts can be injection-molded with the same tight tolerances and perform just as well (or even better) than their metal counterparts. Companies can expect to achieve an overall cost savings of 25-50 percent by converting to plastic parts without compromising quality or functionality.

Constantly looking ahead, we use our engineering experience to foresee issues in production before they happen. With a thorough understanding of manufacturing processes and the ability to predict how products will be inspected, we can ultimately create a better design and start each program off on the right foot, enabling the opportunity for optimal efficiency and success.

Product Testing & Analysis

Kaysun’s extensive in-house testing and analysis capabilities are used to identify potential design problems prior to production. For example, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is an invaluable tool for predicting stress levels in parts or assemblies.   

Value-Added Services 

Also referred to as secondary operations, value-added services include sonic welding, plastics machining, heat staking, insert assembly, and potting/sealing. Customized assembly operations can also be carried out in cleanroom conditions when needed.

Have a tough engineering challenge? Aggressive timelines? Tight tolerances? Complex product? Critical application? High-temperature plastic? Bring it on.

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