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Kaysun: Helping Protect Today’s Military and Public Safety Personnel

Posted by Ben Harrison on Sep 14, 2016 9:13:00 AM
Ben Harrison

Military-Personnel.jpgTough. Durable. Reliable. Three words often applied to today’s military and public safety personnel also describe the gear they need in the field.

Police, firefighters, first responders and service members depend on protective equipment that is designed and manufactured by experts using the most advanced materials and processes – like high performance plastics and injection molding. 

In short, at Kaysun we are committed to doing our job well so they can do theirs safely. It’s our responsibility and privilege.

Focused Partnerships

Keeping pace with the technology-driven advancements in military and public safety field gear, transportation systems, and navigational devices is imperative. It’s also made easier when you partner with an experienced complex injection molder like Kaysun.

First, there’s our deep knowledge of metal-to-plastic conversion. We understand it’s not simply a matter of swapping out metal parts for plastic ones in protective equipment and assuming the same results.

Instead, our specialized plastics engineers work with you to determine the best materials and methods for producing lightweight plastic components that maximize responsiveness – a critical need under conditions where split-second decisions and actions are required for optimum safety. 

Kaysun partnerships don’t begin and end at the production line. We seek out and solve customer pain points at every point in the project. For many defense/safety manufacturers, that means helping them design and produce safety-centric plastic components that also address time/cost constraints, speed to market, quality control and competitive advantages.

International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) Compliance

Our in-house materials laboratory is staffed with experts who conduct comprehensive modeling and testing to identify military grade plastic with the best physical properties to deliver light weight, strength, and resistance to impact, chemicals, and extreme temperatures.

But, none of this work can be accomplished for our military and public safety personnel without proper regulatory compliance. As a small business certified molder, Kaysun takes its ITAR responsibilities seriously. We stringently adhere to quality, specification and supply chain procedures that exceed ITAR regulations because we are keenly aware that failure is never an option in the field.

ITAR-certified and experienced with defense contracts and protocols, Kaysun is a proven provider of devices and equipment that keep our armed forces and public safety personnel out of harm’s way. Find out more in the Kaysun Defense and Security brochure.

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