Why Kaysun?


Kaysun utilizes scientific injection molding to meet and exceed the most challenging applications when it comes to tight tolerances and complex geometries. Our 77+ years of growth is largely due to the value our engineering team brings to every stage of a project. Taking a hands on approach our customers (predominantly fortune 500 companies) rely on our knowledge and expertise to quickly overcome any challenges that may arise. We currently house 54+ injection molding machines (35 – 940T) and just completed a 55,000 sq. foot addition as we average three new injection molding machines annually. Two shot, over-molding, insert molding are just a few of our capabilities. In addition we offer value added services including: ultrasonic & spin welding, heat staking, insert assembly, leak & flow test etc.




Kaysun is committed to helping our partners make well-informed, strategic decisions about their complex injection-molded parts and products. We offer a variety of resources that speak to specific challenges faced by those in your industry and detail the benefits of turning to Kaysun for solutions:



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Kevin Hutts, Sales Representative
With significant experience working closely with large OEMs and contract manufacturers, Kevin understands the complexities of the industry. He takes a consultative approach that adds value, delivers the desired outcome, and strengthens relationships.


Ben Harrison, CEO
A veteran of custom injection molding and the plastics industry, Ben leverages his nearly 25 years of experience to balance the responsibilities of developing strategic growth initiatives with guiding a tremendously talented and dedicated Kaysun team.


Ken Glassen, Vice President of Engineering
Nearly four decades of plastics and plastics engineering expertise gives Ken the knowledge, experience, and insights necessary to lead design and engineering teams to successful outcomes for even the most complex injection molding projects.


Jenna Vogel, Business Development Engineer
With a background as an injection molding engineer at Kaysun, Jenna brings unique depth and insight to her role as Business Development Engineer. Her ability to synthesize information and pair need with opportunity is a benefit to prospects and customers alike.