Our employees’ health and wellbeing is important to them, so it’s important to Kaysun. We’re very happy to be able to help them set and achieve goals, and here are a few of the ways we’re doing that today:

  • Health risk assessments held annually for employees and spouses which help employees benchmark a variety of health metrics and work throughout the year on improvement areas
  • An onsite fitness center that’s outfitted with a variety of exercise equipment; the onsite fitness center is home to fitness classes led by trained instructors Mondays thru Thursdays from boot camps to yoga classes
  • Outdoor workout spaces, including a three-quarter-mile fitness trail, with a variety of outdoor workout stations. The trail is available to both employees and their families
  • A gym reimbursement program to offset employees’ membership costs by 75%, and a strong corporate partnership with the local YMCA to offer reduced fees to use those facilities
  • Onsite group exercise and yoga classes instructed by a professional
  • A health incentive program in partnership with an insurance provider that rewards many wellness-related achievements from preventative visits and vaccinations to activity-tracker incentives and fitness activities
  • Standing desks have replaced a number of sitting desks for employees eager to take advantage of their benefits; we also encourage walking meetings and breaks
  • Entry-fee reimbursements for wellness events like races and triathlons
  • Flu shots, tobacco cessation classes and wellness/nutrition education and coaching
  • Subsidized healthy nutrition options in the cafeteria

Kaysun is happy to be a part of helping our employees lead healthy, happy lives, and we’ll continue to enhance the program to align with their evolving needs.

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