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What Scientific Molding Means To Medical Device Manufacturing

Posted by Jenna Vogel on Apr 20, 2016 8:33:00 AM
Jenna Vogel


Critical-use medical device manufacturers are faced with keeping pace with technological advancements and earning market share while simultaneously producing extremely precise and reliable medical products. Meeting all these challenges is a tall order, and utilizing the scientific molding process can help.

Scientific Molding Expertise Makes All the Difference

Scientific molding and engineers specially trained in this methodology are focused on gathering and using specific data to produce critical-use medical devices containing precision-molded plastic components. The data collected and analyzed is documented to ensure the specifications, settings and steps are reproducible over time and across equipment. That means no “trial and error” guesswork of traditional molding processes.

And guesswork has no place in the design and manufacture of medical devices. That’s what makes scientific molding critical to success, as are the engineers certified in its processes. These professionals are experts in considering everything from the perspective of the plastic and manipulating variables in each phase of product development: part design, material selection, tool design, tool building and debugging, production, and assembly. Their expertise combined with precise measurement of molding variables (i.e. temperature, flow rate, pressure and cooling time/rate) ensure process conformation and consistently defect-free medical devices and components.

Scientific Molding Creates Repeatability & Consistency

Since scientific molding is predicated on intricate scientific methods, the OEM knows they are always getting the highest quality medical device components made in minimal time and at minimal cost, with negligible materials loss. Scientific molding done by qualified engineers virtually eliminates repeated non-conformance issues with a component’s dimensional specifications. This maximization of quality is an outcome that is especially important in manufacturing critical-use medical devices.

For more information on scientific molding, including the processes and tools used for testing and monitoring, read The Importance of Scientific Molding in Medical Device Manufacturing. Download your free copy of this informative white paper now by clicking the button below.


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