Medical Market Antimicrobial Demands

    Posted by Dennis McGuigan on Nov 22, 2011 9:19:00 AM
    Dennis McGuigan

    blank.pngAlong with several Kaysun associates, I recently attended the Medical Design and Manufacturing Conference and Exposition in Minneapolis on November 1-3. Among other insights, I learned there is an increasing demand in the area of medical devices with built-in antimicrobial properties.

    There is an ongoing battle between insurance companies and hospitals regarding infections acquired in hospitals. This situation has been linked to prolonged hospital stays, subsequent illnesses, and even death.  A significant impetus for new products to combat these infections involves the materials used in medical devices, particularly handhelds.

    New plastic resins are now available that are designed to meet the demands for improved microbial resistance. One of these is the Lexan EXL1413B polycarbonate siloxane copolymer that may be injection molded and contains antimicrobial additives. This resin also offers extremely low temperature (-30°C) ductility in combination with medium flow characteristics and excellent processability with opportunities for shorter IM cycle times compared to standard polycarbonates.

    Kaysun engineers are available to assess the ever-changing needs for medical devices and select the proper resins and production methods, including clean-room production, to meet this demand. Please contact us to assess and scope your next project.  To learn more about Kaysun's capabilities in the Medical Market download our free white paper below.


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