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Co-Engineering Reduces Failure Risk Across Anticipated Product Life

Posted by Ken Glassen on Aug 10, 2016 9:28:27 AM
Ken Glassen


When it comes to performance, industrial or complex consumer goods must outlive their anticipated lifetimes in order to accomplish two important goals: meeting customer expectations and mitigating warranty claims.

Manufacturers can ensure product quality and reduce failure risk by partnering with a full-service molder that offers design support (“co-engineering”) provided by a team of expert engineers specially trained in the following areas:

Designing appropriate tight tolerances for quality assurance and safety

Tight tolerances are critical for life-saving devices used by workers in dangerous environments where extreme temperatures, dirt and other adverse environmental factors are present. In this instance, product housings must reliably perform despite the conditions because lives literally depend on not having batteries corrode, having moisture degrade the electrical components, or other failures occur.

Resin selection for the application

The right resin makes all the difference, as in the case of lawn tractor components that need to withstand high heat, oil and other harsh substances to prevent premature equipment breakdown.

Scientific molding

Scientific molding expertise leads to creation and implementation of repeatable processes that result in consistently reliable finished components.

Understanding resin behavior in the injection molding process

A thorough understanding of all parts of the injection molding process allows component design to be adjusted to accommodate gate locations, cooling times, injection velocity and any unique functionality that works best with the materials chosen/required for the application. Injection molding engineers understand how all these factors interact and how changing one element of the design impacts the process, and vice versa.

Controlling failure in use starts with expert engineering support, which also leads to design efficiencies. Engaging with a knowledgeable injection molder early on to co-engineer components simplifies the process, reduces the number of tooling iterations to get it right, improves reliability and diminishes failure risk. By extension, anticipated product lifetime is realized or exceeded, customer expectations are met and warranty claims are minimized.

Only an experienced complex injection molder like Kaysun can provide the insights and co-engineering capabilities to make your project a success from conception throughout the product lifetime. Learn more in our white paper, Complex Injection Molding for Competitive Advantage. Download your free copy by clicking the button below.

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