Engineering Support Provides Efficiencies

Posted by Kaysun Corporation on Mar 13, 2012 12:30:00 PM

blank.pngMoving an idea from conception through production can take many paths. Paradoxically, what may appear to be the simpler path can lead to more complications, and vice versa. That is, more time and effort spent up front can simplify the process and provide efficiencies that may have otherwise been overlooked and lost.

When speaking with manufacturers, we see a wide range of openness to seeking or accepting outside assistance from a plastic injection molding supplier. The attitude may be, “Why should we pay an outside vendor when we have our own staff engineers?” At the other end of the spectrum, a customer may acknowledge, “We want our molder to take our idea and use its expertise to design the best, most efficient process to bring it to fruition.” And, of course, there is a whole range of perspectives in between.

Basically it comes down to early engagement with the right vendor. The sooner a customer explores the options, the better a qualified vendor can begin to offer the requisite engineering support to a project. This support may range from our team working with a customer’s in-house staff to Kaysun totally managing the process. And, again, there may be a whole range of working structures in between, whichever is optimal for the project.

In the case of high-end plastic injection molding, engineering support may consist of tool design that combines up-front features that can reduce the number of parts needed and minimize retooling. For example, insert molding or overmolding; selecting the materials and additives that will provide the optimum balance of performance and cost-efficiency; performing finite element analysis (FEA) to ensure the functional requirements of the part are met; designing the tool and the part so that they work hand in hand; the list goes on.

Since all these considerations are interdependent, a vendor’s ability to look at them all allows a “big-picture” view that facilitates an optimum solution. If you need a vendor that has the ability to take into account all aspects of a project, Kaysun’s engineering team is ready and able to help. Or, if you’re not sure of what you all need to take into account, we can help you define these considerations as well.