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Posted by Al Timm on Sep 10, 2014 3:27:30 PM
Al Timm

blank.png“Little” things matter when it comes to overall efficiency, productivity, and quality. Of course, having the best equipment and technologies, materials, know-how, and training is a given. But efficiency and productivity are always enhanced when injection molders and their customers know each other well as partners and work together as a team. They share the same strategies. They know how the other thinks and operates and reacts. As partners, they deepen their relationships over the long term, because they know they are stronger together.

When a customer decided to partner with a high-quality injection molder, great things can happen. For example, project lead times can be shortened. Depending on the size and complexity of the project, as much as two weeks can be saved for a simple part, or many months for larger complete assemblies. This makes a big difference in time to market.

Key factors that contribute to shortened project lead time are:

  • Fewer samplings. Each iteration of sampling, evaluating parts, modifying tooling, and resampling takes 3 to 4 weeks. A good working relationship can decrease sampling by 1 to 2 iterations.
  • Reduced qualification time. A good understanding of customer qualification expectations can reduce the number of dimensions measured and unnecessary documents constructed.  This could save about a week on the production part approval process.
  • Faster quoting process. This works both ways. After a few quotes are completed, Kaysun knows what customers are expecting in quotes, which can streamline the quoting process in the future.  Also, as customers get familiar with our quote process, they know what information is needed up front—this can save several weeks of re-quoting by eliminating misinterpretations or not having the needed information.
  • Prototyping help. A good partnership always aids in prototyping. The molder has a better understanding of what the customer is looking for in the prototype tool. Therefore the tool can be tailored to prove out what the customer wants. The gating and mold design scheme can also be proven ahead of time.
  • More successful launches. How much more successful depends on the size of project (many molds or single mold) and complexity. Often, instead of just describing how we’d like to modify a part, we’ll make the CAD model change ourselves and send it back to the customer. This way there is absolutely no chance of misunderstanding and the process happens more quickly.
  • Free design-for-manufacturing support. With our wealth of knowledge and design experience, getting Kaysun engineers involved early in the design process has multiple benefits, including fewer design iterations and creating the most efficient injection-molding process for maximum throughput. We can also make suggestions for secondary methods that might not be normally considered, such as ultrasonic welding.

Other advantages to partnering with a high-quality injection molder include:

  • More options for design creativity
  • End part quality is improved
  • End part cost may be decreased
  • Molder may allow better payment terms
  • Molder may provide more attractive part pricing
  • Tooling and automation may be designed for use in future projects
  • Molder may be more willing to invest in capital for new projects

There are plenty of challenges in business today. With tight margins, the need for cost control (without sacrificing design creativity or product quality) has never been greater. Material and molding costs are fairly standard throughout the industry—there may be some discounts here and there. The biggest gains, however, can be achieved by establishing a partnership with an injection molder that has the skills and experience to add value to every part of the customer experience.

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