Kaysun’s green initiatives are part of the company’s culture of responsibility to our environment, to our people, and to the community as a whole. We believe that it’s important to actively demonstrate our concern in meaningful ways, and to inspire others to take action.

Kaysun’s Initiatives 

Arbor Day

In Wisconsin, the last Friday of April was dedicated to shining light on the importance of trees to our ecosystem. In 2017, Kaysun honored national Arbor Day by planting twelve trees on its property. This event gave us the opportunity to reduce carbon emissions, encourage wildlife, and provide beautiful scenery. Arbor Day also gave Kaysun the opportunity to demonstrate our values as well as our company culture of creating a positive and fun work environment for our employees.

Cardboard Recycling

Kaysun’s Green Team was able to coordinate the elimination of every single cardboard dumpster on the property. To achieve this, we added a cardboard baler and created the logistics for all cardboard to be recycled, as opposed to being sent to a landfill.

Scrap Plastic Recycling

Kaysun has the ability to convert some of our scrap plastic into regrind which enables us to reuse it for production. We also sell a portion of our scrap plastic to secondary buyers. From there, it gets transformed into useful things like park benches and playground equipment.

Employee Garden

A big part of Kaysun culture is our focus on wellness. That’s why we’ve turned a piece of our property into a Kaysun garden. We encourage our employees and their families to plant fruits, vegetables, and flowers so they can enjoy fresh, chemical-free produce. This also gives them a chance to showcase their “green thumb” skills.

The earth is our home. Kaysun’s Green Team is constantly making improvements to the way we do business. These efforts significantly reduce our carbon footprint while also helping us become better stewards to the environment. We are all in this together and Kaysun is vigilant in doing its part.