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Product Assembly: Potting

Posted by Dennis McGuigan on Oct 26, 2011 11:00:00 AM
Dennis McGuigan

Product assembly refers to additional operations to meet a manufacturer's specific, unique, needs. As production volumes allow for cost-effectiveness, these operations may be built into the manufacturing process. Potting is a key capability to provide this cost-effective solution.

Potting is a technique used to ensure a proper seal or shock absorption around any feature in the molded part. For example, parts requiring an electrical assembly, a copper contact for a battery, a jack for a microphone or other accessory, or any other point where something meets the plastic part may be handled via potting.

One of Kaysun’s great successes utilizing crucial potting applications is a handheld GPS unit used in military operations. These units must withstand 30 minutes of submersion in meter-deep water, and potting is the only way to achieve that critical seal. This highly precise process calls for applying the potting compound, a special epoxy that adheres to both plastic and metal, with a computer-controlled needle. After this delicate application, the part is heated to cure the compound, leaving the device fully sealed from the elements.

Potting is just one of the value-added services Kaysun provides to maximize functionality and add value to the end product. If you have any special manufacturing needs or challenges, please contact us to discuss your challenge and our capabilities to meet and exceed them.

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