An OEM's Guide to Scientific Molding Achieve precision, tight tolerances and repeatable top quality

Scientific injection molding is an advanced process that is highly accurate and repeatable across multiple production runs, delivering products with tolerances as tight as +/- .001 inches — an especially valuable tool for the automotive, defense/security, medical and consumer/industrial markets.

A valuable resource on the topic when first released, we’ve updated our white paper, An OEM's Guide to Scientific Molding, to include the latest trends, insights and discussion around scientific molding, including:

  • How specialized molding engineers oversee the design, process and production of precision-molded plastic parts so as to develop templates for repeatable production
  • Key benefits provided by today’s scientific molding procedures, in general terms as well as with specific examples
  • The importance of molding engineers’ proper training and certification in state-of-the-art scientific molding practices that optimize all aspects of part manufacture

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