Overseas and commodity molders can fall short of part quality and delivery expectations — and that puts people in jeopardy when your medical device or protective equipment is made to save lives.

Molder expertise, experience, engineering/design capabilities, and proactivity greatly influence outcomes as demonstrated in our case study, Why Molder Experience Matters in Life-Saving Applications.

In it you’ll find how Kaysun helped a returning customer overcome a series of setbacks and complications with an offshore vendor to produce a reliable life-saving device. The project included:

  • Closely aligning customer and molder engineering teams to design components
  • Performing mold flow analysis to identify the right materials for chemical resistance and TPE overmolding compatibility
  • Design for Manufacturability (DfM) support
  • Developing production efficiencies, including complex overmolding strategies
  • Post-molding assembly with threaded insert installation
  • Absolute adherence to cleanliness throughout the manufacturing process

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