Case Study: Design and Production of Complex Applications Why Molder Experience Matters

What happens when an OEM encounters poor quality parts and inconsistent deliveries from an overseas vendor? They return to a trusted custom injection molder to re-engage a partnership that protects product reliability, timelines, and budget.

That’s what happened when an industrial personal protective equipment manufacturer reached out to Kaysun for help with a handheld gas detection device housing.

CASE STUDY: How Molder Experience Influences the Design and Production of Complex Applications breaks down the details including these highlights:

  • Identifying part design deficiencies through advanced testing, including Design for Manufacturability (DfM)
  • Finding compatible substrate and overmold molding materials
  • Pivoting to build a new tool for an unanticipated third TPE overmold sequence
  • Enhancing material flow, adhesion, and shut-off functionality to optimize outcomes

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