Up-front costs for quality tooling may be higher compared to shoot and ship vendors or offshore suppliers, but the payback comes quickly in higher quality, fewer defects, greater throughput, longer-lasting components, and better return on your tooling investment—leading, ultimately, to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Download Mold Design & Tooling for Injection Molding to learn why investing in quality at the start significantly reduces the likelihood of:

  • poor repeatability
  • inferior tooling
  • improper material selection
  • poor operational skills
  • additional costs of waste/rework

Our whitepaper walks you through the different stages of tooling, an overview of steel vs. aluminum molds, the finish and texture options available, the importance of ensuring manufacturability, and how to optimize lifecycle costs.

Properly designing, building, and utilizing tooling for each part requires a highly skilled team of engineers and technicians utilizing the latest in sophisticated design and manufacturing technologies. Don’t start your next project without learning more about the importance of quality injection mold design and tooling — download the whitepaper now by filling out the form!





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