Critical-Use Plastic Parts: Key Design and Injection Molding Considerations

Designing plastic components is a complex process, and ensuring your end product performs as intended, stays within budget and gets to market on time starts with keeping manufacturability top of mind during the earliest stages of product development.

Our whitepaper, Critical-Use Plastic Parts: Key Design and Injection Molding Considerations, details solutions to some of the toughest challenges engineers face in designing parts and products that will go through the injection molding process, including:

  • Selecting appropriate materials to avoid issues in multiple mechanical and molding properties
  • Avoiding undercuts that prevents proper ejection, among other obstacles
  • Allowing for sufficient draft to eliminate part removal problems
  • Aligning wall thickness with part functionality
  • Gating issues, specifically the wrong type, size or location
  • Problematic knit lines that originate in design and mar end product
  • And more

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