Depending on the timing of a product launch, your company can either be seen as a thought leader or an afterthought.

When working with an injection molder, it’s important to make sure the entire process—from design phase through production—is focused on producing the best results as quickly as possible, so that you don’t lose your competitive advantage when launching a new product.

Our eBook, How Manufacturers Can Accelerate Speed to Market, outlines five key steps to streamlining the injection molding process in order to achieve a faster time to market — without compromising the performance of your plastic components. You’ll learn:

  • How upfront design engineering support improves timelines
  • The importance of determining acceptable tolerances for your application
  • How improper material selection can affect production and performance
  • Why design analysis and adjustments are critical in preventing product failures
  • How implementing scientific molding optimizes production
  • Why working with a certified supplier is essential for critical-use applications

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