Meet Multiple Molding Needs with Supply Base Consolidation

Posted by Al Elger on Feb 17, 2012 12:30:00 PM

blank.pngMany of the customers with whom I have been meeting with are increasingly looking to consolidate vendors while designing their products and engineering the production processes for the desired result.  Reasons for this make good business sense, and include reduced development time and associated costs, improved logistics, and a single point of contact.

The issue is, in the case of custom plastic injection molding, is it may be difficult to find a supplier that is able to provide a solution that requires multiple molding expertise and capabilities in order to optimize the process.

Most plastic injection molding companies concentrate on one or two technologies and processes, such as traditional molding, scientific molding (both decoupled II and III), two-shot molding, overmolding, insert molding, or soft-touch molding.  All of these processes have similarities, but each is unique in its own way and requires different equipment and knowledge. More importantly, the expertise to help determine which method(s) is/are optimal for the desired end product is a crucial value-added element in the development process.

Some molders may specialize in one of the aforementioned processes and do it very well. Others may offer one or two. From my discussions with customers and research into the market, however, I think it is rare that a vendor has the capability to effectively execute all of these processes, and the knowledge to determine the optimal production method.

Kaysun’s ability to provide solutions across all of these production processes and realize for the customer the benefits of consolidating a supply base for plastic injection molding has been a real asset. As always, the earlier a customer engages with the right supplier the more cost-efficient and timely the process will be.