Automation Levels the Playing Field

Posted by Kaysun Corporation on Nov 22, 2011 8:00:00 AM

blank.pngAmong plastic injection molders, there may be a tradeoff between their ability to custom manufacture parts on an individual basis and the capability to automate the production process for higher-volume cost-efficiency. The reality is that, with the proper vendor, automation and its associated benefits can be within the grasp of companies even if they have smaller production runs.

Quality does have a cost, but the cost of poor quality has an even greater cost over the life cycle of a product. The number-one consideration should be consistent product quality. That is, the manufacturing process turns out the same product every time, minimizing or even eliminating the risk of human error. Should something go wrong, the proper automation process is accountable enough to trace it to its point of origin. Corrections can then be made with little down time.

The ability of a manufacturer to efficiently and effectively automate the production process is key to allowing an OEM to turn out a product at a competitive price point. Production by automation helps retain quality assurance and helps keep work in the United States.

Kaysun has a full array of adaptable automated equipment and the in-house expertise to configure the production process to each manufacturer's individual needs. Having all these resources in one place allows us to control costs for low volumes as well optimize it for high volumes. This allows a small manufacturer to be at the same or similar level as a large player.

The sooner you engage us as a partner for an automated manufacturing processes, the easier it will be to achieve the optimal solution.

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