"Wow, I Didn't Know You Could Do That"

We hear that a lot at Kaysun Corporation—customers bring us seemingly impossible challenges and we turn them into manufacturing success stories.

As one of the country’s leading plastic injection molding companies, Kaysun Corporation produces complex parts, assemblies, and devices for leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the defense, medical, automotive, consumer, and industrial markets. These are typically highly engineered, tight-tolerance, plastic injection-molded components that other injection molders quite simply can’t produce due to their inherent complexity. You will have to visit us to see what we’re talking about.

Customers all over the globe team up with Kaysun, an innovative plastic injection molding company, to convert their initial concepts into innovative, highly functional products. Their designers work with our engineers in the earliest stages of product development to discuss material selection and design for manufacturability. This often requires the use of sophisticated modeling programs including finite element analysis and mold flow analysis.

When it is time for production, we provide a full range of precision injection molding technologies including insert, 2-shot, and over-molding utilizing state-of-the art equipment in the hands of a highly experienced and dedicated workforce. Our quality performance is ensured with robust inspection including optical, laser, contact, and in-house mechanical testing. Secondary operations we provide include plastic part machining, ultra sonic welding, potting/sealing, heat staking, and manual and automated assembly.

As an industry leading injection molding company, Kaysun delivers the ultimate customer experience through our commitment to innovation, precision, and consistency. We invite you to visit our state-of-the-art 22-acre campus in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Or just give us a call—we look forward to solving your toughest plastics challenges. Contact us.