Scientific injection molding is an advanced process that is highly accurate and repeatable across multiple production runs, delivering products with tolerances as tight as +/- .001 inches. It uses sophisticated data collection and analysis techniques to determine the best possible design and process specifications for complex, critical-use products – especially valuable for the automotive, defense/security, medical and consumer/industrial markets.

In our whitepaper, Scientific Molding: A Molder’s Perspective, you’ll read how scientific molding:

  • Is applied across all phases of manufacturing, including part design, mold design, material selection and the injection-molding process
  • Controls key parameters like melt and mold temperatures, flow rate, pressure, and cooling rate in real time
  • Results in much higher repeatability and at least 10 times greater control compared to traditional molding methods – reducing OEM costs by conserving time and materials
  • Uses recorded data to consistently replicate processes and products across production runs and machines
  • Virtually eliminates repeated non-conformance issues with a part’s dimensional specifications
  • Maximizes yield, reduces material waste, and eliminates unsightly knit lines and surface flaws

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